Valentin Capitaine


Hi, I'm Valentin Capitaine

I'm currently Co-Founder & Gameplay Designer at Fireplace Games.

Previously, I worked at Ubisoft Montpellier and Spiders Games, on many different games & projects.

I'm graduated with a Master's Degree in Game Design & Management from Supinfogame Rubika, a video game school in France.

Resume - English

I to design games and worlds that provide fun, innovative and memorable experiences for the players.

Inspired by many game genres, I always try to play recent games as much as possible to discover new things.

However, my favorite games are RPGs (especially Action-RPGs) and Immersive Sims.

Contact Details

I'm always open to answer questions or talk about game development.

Featured Games & Projects

I already worked with many designers, programmers and artists, from small indie to AAA sized teams and projects.
I also participate in many closed playtests to help teams improve their games during development.

Skills & Expertise

Over the past few years, I have developed numerous skills, allowing me to handle a certain number of tasks.

1. Game Design

I'm specialized in Game Design. I can fully design and manage the 3Cs, Game Systems, Gameplay Elements and AI, but also write Technical Documentation.

2. Level Design

I've some skills in Level Design, Level Building and Scripting with a high interest in Narrative Design. I can quickly adapt to your in-house Game Engine or Level Editor.

3. Game Dev.

I develop some games myself, mainly with Unity or Unreal Engine. I use these game engines regularly to quickly make prototypes of games in C# or Blueprints.

4. Game Testing

Quality Assurance is a critical component in Game Development, I can be a serious Development Tester using my Analytical Skills, Technical Acumen and Game Expertise.

5. Web Dev.

I'm also graduated as a Web Developer Front-End. I can create or update your Showcase Websites, WordPress Blogs or PrestaShop e-commerce Websites for example.

6. Web Design

I can design Websites in accordance with the specific constraints of the Internet support, particularly in terms of Ergonomics, Usability and Accessibility.