• Genre:

    Bullet Hell

  • Description:

    100 is an independent video game made during my fourth year of Game Design Master's Degree at Supinfogame Rubika.

    It's a vertical bullet hell in which the player controls a spaceship without any weapons and must survive during 100 successive waves of projectiles from his only opponent : a giant planet-eating alien.

    During this project, I was Game Designer & Sound Designer.

  • Released:

    PC - January, 2017

  • Tool(s) used:

    Unity (Game Engine)
    Microsoft Visual Studio (C#)
    SketchUp (3D Models)
    Microsoft Office
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Google Drive
    Music Maker Jam (Musics)
    Vegas Pro (YouTube Trailer)

Download the Game
Reveal Trailer (YouTube)
Game Design Document Lite (FR)
Listen the Musics (SoundCloud)