• Genre:

    Bullet Hell

  • Description:

    100 is an independent video game made during my fourth year of Game Design & Management at Supinfogame Rubika.

    It's a vertical Bullet Hell in which the player controls a spaceship and must survive during 100 successive waves of projectiles from his only opponent.

    During this project, I was Game Designer & Sound Designer.

  • Released:

    PC - January, 2017

  • Tool(s) used:

    Unity (Game Engine)
    Microsoft Visual Studio (C#)
    SketchUp (3D Models)
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Google Drive
    Music Maker Jam (Musics)
    Vegas Pro (YouTube Video)

Download the Game
Reveal Trailer (YouTube)
Game Design Document (FR)
Listen the Musics (SoundCloud)