En Garde!

  • Genre:

    Swashbuckling Action-Adventure Game

  • Description:

    En Garde! is a video game in development for my fifth year of Game Design Master's Degree at Supinfogame Rubika. We are a team of 8 students (4 Game Designers, 3 Game Artists and 1 Game Programmer) and we will develop this game during 9 months (the entire last year).

    Play as an impetuous swordswoman and fight with panache in an adventure to restore your family’s honor.

    I am currently Game Designer & AI Designer on this project.

  • TBR:

    PC - June, 2018

  • Tool(s) used:

    Unreal Engine 4.18 (Game Engine)
    SVN (Source Control)
    TortoiseSVN (SVN Client)
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Google Drive

Early Gameplay Footage (YouTube)
Presentation Document Mood Video (YouTube)
Game Concept Document (FR)