• Genre:

    Horror Game

  • Description:

    Slender Nightmare is an horror video game in which the player embodies a little boy or little girl in top-down view and must escape the Slenderman through four different playable levels : the dark forest, the abandoned prison, the ghost town and the lugubrious school.

    The game was developed on RPG Maker XP (Ruby) and is inspired by the video game Slender : The Eight Pages and the story of the Slenderman. I developed this game myself during my free time and about two years.

    I have done many things during this project : Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, 2D Artist and I have also developed a small Website for the game.

  • Released:

    PC - November, 2014

  • Tool(s) used:

    RPG Maker XP (Game Engine)
    Microsoft Word (GDD)
    Microsoft Office
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Audacity (Musics & SFX)
    Bootstrap (Web Framework)
    FileZilla (FTP Client)

Download the Game (FR)
Slender Nightmare Website (FR)
Game Design Document (FR)