• Genre:

    Twitch Plays God Game

  • Description:

    You the Shepherd is a video game made in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2016. Jam theme was « Ritual ».

    It's an experimental video game in which Twitch Plays viewers embody a god and must enter commands in the chatbox in order to interact with the world, create chimeras and cause natural disasters.

    During this project, I was Game Designer & Programmer.

  • Diversifiers:

    We have selected some diversifiers to spice up the challenge :
    Story Mode - No cutscenes, text boxes or interruption of gameplay.
    Infinite - Your world is procedurally generated.
    Twitch Plays - Create a live-streamed game intended to be played by the masses on Twitch.

  • Released:

    Twitch - January, 2016

  • Tool(s) used:

    Unity (Game Engine)
    Microsoft Visual Studio (C#)
    MagicaVoxel (3D Modelization)
    Microsoft Office
    Adobe Creative Suite
    Google Drive

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