• Genre:

    Horror Game

  • Description:

    Slender Nightmare is an horror video game in which the player embodies a little child in a top-down view and must escape from the Slenderman through four different playable levels : the dark forest, the abandoned prison, the ghost town and the lugubrious school.

    The game was developed with RPG Maker XP (Ruby) and was inspired by the popular video game Slender : The Eight Pages and the story of the Slender Man. I developed this game myself during my free time (approximately two years).

    I have done many things during this project : Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, Pixel Artist and I have also developed a small Website for the game.

  • Released:

    PC - November, 2014

  • Tool(s) used:

    RPG Maker XP (Game Engine)
    Microsoft Office
    Adobe Creative Suite
    Audacity (Sound Design)
    Bootstrap (Web Framework)
    FileZilla (FTP Client)

Download the Game (FR)
Slender Nightmare Website (FR)
Game Design Document (FR)